Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Need You, Mum.

I got to sing on Mother's Day this year. Although I was just a vocalist helping to lead worship, singing for my parents has always been close to my heart. I think because they love it so much too. I honor them and they take joy in me. Several times we have had jam/praise sessions, where we all sit around the house and play and sing. Its amazing how God moves us closer to him and each other during those times.

One of my Dad's favorite songs is Song for the Mira, a Canadian folk song that Liz and I used to sing to him while sitting on the front porch swing. It would always bring tears to his eyes. I was so honored to sing it at my sister's wedding for the father-daughter dance. Whenever they would dance close to me I could hear them singing too, as if we were the only people in the room. Not sure what it is about that one song, but Jon loves it too.

I was informed last year that Mother's Day is all about the cheese. Well, I've never been into the cheese. However, this year for Mum's Day, Seacoast showed a clip called I'll Need You, Mom, and it was everything that I wanted to say to my mother. No cheese, no flowery "your a saint and I want to be just like you." No fru fru attempt to patronize her to death for this one day, just the simple truth, and it still brings tears just thinking about it. My mother, despite all her imperfections, despite all her own insecurities and issues that she was dealing with, taught me the things that I needed to know at every turn.

Its such an exacting measure of how God wants all of us to live our lives. Keep going, keep telling, keep pointing to the truth, no matter how imperfect you are. Its not about how complete you are from the get go, its about who will complete you. Its about the source of your perfection. I am so grateful to this woman I call Mother for teaching me that.

On a lighter note, I can't talk about M-Day without mentioning Seri. So...here's the scene for you:

Liz opens her card from me which reads, "If you can't say something nice, call me on my cell phone." Shortly after reading it (and mid-thank to me), Seri snatches the card out of her mother's hand, and begins beating her mother over the head with the greeting card, laughing with glee. Tommy, taking a moment to witness the abuse of the mother of his child, fittingly says, "Well, Happy Mothers Day!" Glowering across from me over the torrent of greeting-card assaults, Liz shoots me a look that says, how about I call you right now!

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Chelsey said...

funny story about seri - dont forget to write that in your album!! I really enjoyed the video too. thanks for posting.