Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Mad Platter

Got to experience the Mad Platter Pottery Studio with some friends last week for the first time. How it works is you go there, pick out your pottery piece (prices range from 7$ and up), then you pick out paint colors (unlimited supply) and you have access to all their tools. They have everything from sponges to brushes to stencils. Then you sit and paint.

They run a special for
2$ an hour on Tuesdays and a free wine on Thursdays. Most of the paints are food friendly and your piece will be microwave and dishwasher safe when you take it home.

I decided on a small serving bowl, and in two hours time I had completely finished it. Of course if you need more time, you can come back and finish. My methods were very simple and abstract so it took me no time at all.

The staff is very friendly and help you on color and
tool selection to get the look that you want.
You leave your piece with them and after they fire it,
its ready for pick up. I went in on Tuesday
and got a call on Thursday night that it was ready.
The whole experience was 16$ and I had a
serving new bowl to use for chips and dip for a cookout on Saturday! I'm definitely going back...I have my eye on a serving platter to paint for next time.

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